Netscape got hacked and then bans Digg while Digg bans users

July 26, 2006

The social news arena has been pretty chaotic this week. First off, Netscape got hacked by Digg army, and then Digg starts banning users citing they were in violation of the their TOS and drops story off the front page of Digg – working against their much publicised motto of “Digg is all about user powered content. Every article on digg is submitted and voted on by the digg community.

So as you know, we decided to checkout Netscape and then tried to registered an account with of course “Webreakdigg”. But wait a minute, that user name has been taken… Sh*t.. someone hijacked our beloved network motto and name. That’s not cool. But we tried some other combinations and found something really interesting…… Netscape actually bans user from having “digg” in their nicks. What a brunch of losers. Like that is gonna help. Ok .That sounded a little disparaging. I take that back.

Updates: Webreakdigg submitted this story to Digg and it looked like it was going to hit the front page of tech news but then all the sudden it got buried. With 100+ diggs now, the first virgin story from Webreakdigg is RIP. Thanks Digg for censoring us. Since when did they change their motto? I think possibly since 3.0./p>

Side note: Worth a read here Marc Fawzi – For Great Justice, Take Off Every Digg (A member of the Webreakdigg network)

But the Webreakdigg spirit lives – and so will our motto live on – without change – “WE ARE GOING TO BREAK DIGG”!




8 Responses to “Netscape got hacked and then bans Digg while Digg bans users”

  1. adam said

    thats pretty wierd

  2. Mr Angry said

    This is starting to spin me out. There are very strong suspicions that Digg is censoring content although their ostensible mission is against this. They will obviouslt be found out if they do this. Netscape do something really lame that couldn’t possibly have a positive effect. It will make them look like dorks and it obviously won’t work. When people make such dumb decisions how do they expect to get away with it? The coverup always does more damage than the crime.

  3. Dan Fego said

    That really is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s like a reaction from an immature group of people. “Oh, some people who support Digg exploited our horribly insecure new web application. Let’s just ban any name that has ‘digg’ in it.” Honestly, I hope this gets a lot of views. I know I’m digging it.

  4. NetscapeSucks said

    in short, any username that has “Digg” or “Netscape ” in it is banned, but you can use “DigDig” “Net7scape Sucks” and so on.
    Have fun fucking with AOL execs. 😀

  5. […] wie kindisch, dass anscheinend der Digg-Klone AOL Netscape sämtliche Usernamen verweigert, die die Buchstabenkombination “digg” enthalten. Zuerst das Angebot von Jason, den Topusern von Digg Kohle zu zahlen, wenn sie ihr gutes Werk beim Klon verrichten und nun das… tststst…daran zeigt sich, dass die AOL Managementkultur nicht mit der Zeit mitgeht. Ein Klick und der User ist auf einer anderen Seite, was soll das Konkurrenzgedöns? […]

  6. cgot said

    hey who uses netscape anyway?

    check out my blog at

  7. cdharrison said

    Yeah, who uses Netscape anymore? They’ve been irrelevant for years…

  8. […] Netscape got hacked and then bans Digg while Digg bans users The social news arena has been pretty chaotic this week. First off, Netscape got hacked by Digg army, and then Digg […] […]

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