A pat on our back

July 27, 2006

What a day of blogging and rumbling and linking it was yesterday. Since the day Webreakdigg blog network launched, our traffic has been moving up in a steady healthy trend. Not to shabby for a 2 day old blog. We are now on the 19th position of BOTD (Best of the Day) on wordpress.com. Can we ever catch up to the almighty Scobleizer. But hey, we are still marching towards 200 strong, so why don’t you go ahead and fill up the Become A Webreakdigg Network Member application if you think you want to be part of a (pushing hard) up and coming element in the blogosphere? That’s provided you meet the requirements to become a member of Webreakdigg. (ps. its not that tough, trust me) . Sorry for the stain there. I was looking ahead to preping this pic to be a piece in history of the Webreakdigg museum.



2 Responses to “A pat on our back”

  1. adam said

    guys, i love your blog

  2. Keep going guys! Let us know when you break them and we’ll add you to our list of nobodies who made it big.

    The FFF Team.


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