Why Digg is broke

July 28, 2006

It is sad to see the “I’m totally vested, f**k off” attribute just because you’ve been there, done it in the “We are so friendly and welcome all” blogospere. There has been quite a bit of heat directed at Webreakdigg – namely from Digg Army – what I defined as Digg “idolisers”. They have absolute belief that Digg is great. Is that really what ALL Digg users believe. A simple query on technorati with “Digg top users” brings up blog entries talking ’bout:

The Internet News Mafia
What I like and don’t like about digg.com?
Digg It – Social News & The Network Effect
Digg is great, but it’s not perfect. Here are 3 ways Digg could be improved.
Is Digg Censoring Reddit?
Digg reddit

So yes, “Digg’s great” for certain fans, but not all.

The fact that Top 100 Digg Users Control 56% of Digg’s Home Page Content is a major contradiction of Digg’s original belief – “Digg is all about user powered content. Every article on Digg is submitted and voted on by the Digg community. Share, discover, bookmark, and promote the news that’s important to you!”. It should really be “Digg is all about our top users powered content. Every article on digg is submitted and voted on by the digg community but only the ones submitted by our top 100 users get on the Front page. Share, discover, bookmark, and promote the news that’s important to you but sometimes we will bury stories linking to competitor sites or is negative towards Digg itself


13 Responses to “Why Digg is broke”

  1. Dustin said

    Good. I’m glad I’ve finally found other people who realize how bad Digg really is.

  2. Chubbs said

    Unfortunately with Digg, they tried something that would have been great, and of course, there are problems. I just don’t think Kevin Rose and company know how to fix those problems just yet.

    It’s kind of like being back in high school, where all the popular kids make it into the school newspaper.

  3. It is interesting that you brought this up and I was going to write about the problem could very well be – they knew this was going on and they have absolutely no idea how to fix it or even want to try to. By fixing this problem, it potentially could screw up the “system”. Its the basis of Netscape’s scheme to lure the top 100 users over and if they ever accomplish that, it could possibly mean the end of Digg.

  4. Sean said

    anyone instrested in the digg 2.0 source code?
    its pretty much the same backend as 3.0
    email me -> sandrews@gmail.com

  5. Sean said

    Wrong Email posted above!
    email -> sandrews96@gmail.com

  6. I’m sure everyone is interested in their FrontPage Algorithm 😉

  7. Sean said

    it works via the karma of every user (i think)
    the more karma you have the faster your story gets to the homepage

  8. Chubbs said

    Anybody can write a Digg-clone, just check out http://www.pligg.com. Digg is so successful in part due to some of it’s “celebrity” leadership (Kevin Rose) and the rampant power of “word of mouth” that Rose’s fans seem to have.

    Don’t get me wrong, Digg became popular at first before we all knew Rose was running the show; however, I think Digg’s current success came when Rose started to actively promote the site.

    As for beta.netscape.com, they need to provide some competition to Digg. They’re already on the right track with a “star” like Jason Calacanis (more Weblogs, Inc. himself) behind the development. Now they just need the right “users”.

  9. It seems to make some sense that users who have created popular Diggs in the past might be more likely than others to create popular Diggs in the future … but if the algorithm is too strongly biased in favor of successful, high-volume posters, that does destroy the community.

    Somehow I think Digg’s front-page algorithm needs a little tweaking.

  10. Manji_frankie said

    Well, I am not a Digg power user, most of my stories go around 7 to 15 diggs, except one where I played with the title and it generated 61 comments and 1142 (last time I checked) diggs. Halo VS Death Star was the beginning of the name of the story and it was about a site where you could compare real things with science fiction things in a real scale. I found the site very cool and submitted the story as science, for lack of a better option. I was very surprised that it got so many diggs but even more surprised that it got buried super fast, even the topic got changed. I have been reading many comments lately and it looks like a new trend in Digg is for many users to bury stories or report as inaccurate even thought the story is valid and relevant to Digg. Digg’s way of handling stories needs to change or I don’t see the site going anywhere once more people start noticing the problems…

  11. I knew something smelled a little wrong when I started Digging a few weeks ago. Guess it’s coming from all the dead bodies…

  12. adam said

    so thats it for your site?
    you have not updated it in 2 weeks!

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