So Webreakdigg is not alone.

August 16, 2006

Looks like breaking digg is on track and more are jumping on the bandwagon. An interesting read : How Digg was Sabotaged. So how possible is it to game digg? That very question has always been on Kevin’s mind. Can a group of people form a mailing list and through that mailing list, they dictate what they all digg. And of course, if there are say 100 people on the list and 80% of them did exactly what they had to do, digg the story that they had agreed on, there you go … you have front page exposure.

Well, Kevin have of course thought about that since the first day he had Digg floating in his mind, and what is his solution? The Digg front page algorithm ( no thesis required ). Digg’s front page algorithm is heavily based on submitter’s karma. What the hell is submitter’s karma? Basically, how popular the submitter is plays a part. So if this user just submits stories and not digg other stories, that count towards his karma. Bad karma. But this itself totally breaks digg, which is why 80% of the front page stories are top 5% users’ submitted stories. And the best part, Kevin has no clue on how to fix this, because fixing this would essentially break digg. But all is not lost, Webreakdigg has the answer to your pain, Kevin, but we have no plan to share it for now.


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