Is wordpress broke too?

July 26, 2006

It appears to be at least on our dashboard because Webreakdigg blog’s traffic has gone from 0 to 200. Seems reasonable that Webreakdigg should appear on as the hottest blog and fastest growing blog 🙂


Submit the application form if you want to join us. ps just so you know, we are not recruiting for hackers. We are not really trying to “break” digg or hack into digg or DOS digg. So if you are a hacker, do not submit the application to be part of the Webreakdigg network. But if you are a blogger, yes, you are qualify to join us!

Oops… I almost forgot to mention why this post title is zero to 120. A picture speaks a thousand word.


Here’s an update stats pic… We are going strong… as we march towards 200.


If this interests you , there is aready a story submitted to digg at the upcoming technology queue about WeBreakDigg. So what happen to this submission? Will it be buried by the Digg Army? or will Mr Kevin wipe this off their database? Who knows? But who cares.. Back to recruiting. If you want to join us, as we try to build our webreakdigg blog network, you need to submit your application at our wufoo application form.

Launch of Webreakdigg!

July 26, 2006

This is gonna be a piece of internet history. Why? because this post pens the very first page of Webreakdigg, the social news blog of 200 strong. What exactly is Webreakdigg. We are recruiting, yes, we are looking for 200 strong to join Webreakdigg blog network. Webreakdigg is conceived from the fact that Digg is broke. Why is Digg broke? Read here, here, here and here and you will know why.

So what has Digg gonna do with WebreakDigg, as the name implies, we are gonna break digg and in hope to bring a new wave of social news to the rest of the world that believes in what Digg do not believe in.

So how do I join the Webreakdigg network? Simple, you need to first of all have a blog, two, you need to sign up for a Digg account or if you have one already that’s fine. Wait a minute, I thought we are anti-digg? Nope, we are not anti-digg, we are only here for the rest of the world that do not believe in digg. Third you need to email Webreakdigg at these informations : 1) Blog URL, 2)Digg Account Name. That was so web 1.0. Here’s the web 2.0 way to do this. Please submit your application using our Wufoo application form. That’s all you need and once that’s done, you will be scrutinized and a decision on whether you make the cut to be part of Webreakdigg network will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Time to write that email submit the application if you think you are up to it and before we are 200 strong!